"Management is efficiency
in climbing the ladder of success; leadership
determines whether the
ladder is leaning against
the right wall."
 – Stephen Covey

"Be careful to leave your
sons well instructed rather
than rich, for the hopes of
the instructed are better than
the wealth of the ignorant."
 – Epictetus

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."
 – Vince Lombardi

Who We Are

Kothari Leadership & Business Advisory provides executive coaching focused on leadership and the achievement of business results. Led by Amit Kothari, we have guided countless business leaders in growing and transforming their organizations including creating and achieving a corporate vision, mergers and acquisitions, post-acquisition integration, corporate turnaround, and restructuring.  Our leaders are typically C-level executives or partners of service organizations, who lead teams of 20 - 1,000 people; essentially stakeholders from employees to customers to investors.

We work directly with our client, and then include various levels of organizational management, as needed to align actions and behaviors to exceed corporate goals. We value simple, practical advice that can be implemented immediately, generating positive momentum that leads to accelerated results. Our methods work to exceed corporate goals by transforming the leader, both in the outlook and the substance of their thoughts.  This includes removing psychological blockages (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), allowing you to focus and analyze the underlying issues in your company; empowering you to achieve a higher level of leadership and true results.

Our Commitment

If a corporation’s commitment is to create sustainable, compounding profits, then a leader’s job is to create that reality.  Kothari Leadership & Business Advisory works on the individual leader in the context of their business vision, strategy, and goals.  At times, living within pre-determined vision, strategy, and goals to increase, the probability of achieving those or even increasing the margin by which those are exceeded.  At other times making the vision, strategy, and goals bigger because the individual leader and his teams have become more courageous.  We help them become more courageous by constructing their self-perception and chipping away at their fears – giving them personal breakthroughs that translate into real-world results.

We are committed to empowering our clients to achieve breakthrough results at work and in all other facets of life. Our primary objective is to accelerate the achievement of desired business results, with the additional benefit of increasing effectiveness in your personal life. Most importantly, we empower our clients with the skills they need to thrive without continued coaching; promoting compounding, sustainable results in the workplace – leading to significant breakthroughs one person, then one organization, at a time.

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