CEO Start-up Kit

What is the CEO Start-up Kit?

Do you have a great business idea but no time to do it all, or are you of the mindset that each minute you spend away from development of the idea is under-utilizing your role? Do you delay and avoid some required tactics because you simply don’t enjoy or appreciate them? The CEO Start-up Kit accelerates your results and optimizes your cash usage.  We will help you with leveraging the one thing you have - YOUR TIME.  We will not only help you navigate through the requirements of a start-up, but also help you optimize key decisions in each area.

There are multitudes of considerations when a company is in start-up mode - all of those considerations constrained by cash - and those questions and considerations only get more intense with growth and maturity. We are here to support you, introduce you to the right people, and share with you the knowledge you want along the way - but mostly - to just get it done for you from start-up through maturity.

What Do You Get?

Kothari Leadership’s goal is not only to help you tackle and execute the details of each area (vision, strategy, finance, contract negotiation, operations, accounting, administration and more), but fully understand you and your vision.  Other benefits include:

  • Better decisions:  by helping you understand your vision, risk tolerance and budget, we help deliver results that exceed your expectations.
  • Faster execution: by helping you outsource skills that are not priorities, not high value and not in your core area of expertise (high leverage outsourcing), we help you gain back valuable time and energy to dedicate to focusing on your vision.
  • Increased probability of a successful venture: by re-purposing your time from delayed, confusing and de-energizing tasks to high value initiatives that only you and your team are skilled at, your chances of success are significantly greater.

Program Specifics

  • Custom program based on our suite of services and your specific needs
  • We will work to get to know you, your strengths, weaknesses, fears, and vision through deep collaboration, consultation and coaching sessions


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