Our purpose is to take our experience and use it to help other leaders maximize their own life to increase their career trajectories. Our coaching foundation rests on a complex set of dimensions that includes the leader’s own beliefs, the manifestation of those beliefs in the form of behaviors the leader displays to others, and the perceptions of the others to whom those behaviors are displayed. We believe the most efficient path to achieving a company’s vision is when all stakeholders are aligned to achieve it, and that a person can effect positive change in his or her behaviors by identifying and adjusting his or her underlying core beliefs.

A driving force in our organization is to create more satisfaction and happiness in the workplace; we have chosen to start this journey at the top of organizations. A happy and empowered leader can purposefully share that with their entire organization, leading to greater employee satisfaction, improved morale and productivity, and reduced turnover. As fans of the movie Pay It Forward, we strive to be a part of a legacy of positive people whose actions make this world a better place.
Our overall approach measures performance in three categories: leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and technical skills.  We then ask our clients to list both their current and desired attributes in each category and measure their performance on a 1-10 scale. As we continue to work together in a balanced and supportive environment, we use a 360 degree feedback approach to measure the leader’s achievement over time.