I am constantly reminded that wisdom is all around us. There have been billions of human beings working in companies, as well as living life. Each person has experienced opportunities and challenges identical to those encountered on our journey. So, it is not that the wisdom is available or documented; the question for our lives is what we are, as individuals, allowing to seep into our consciousness. It is with that belief that I share some thoughts on self and company leadership that I hope will provide clear practical application in your day, now, not tomorrow…

The Universe Is Screaming…Can You Hear It…Now?

Vision’s Role in Mastering Sustainable Growth Have you ever felt like all signs are pointing to a particular decision or direction, but you aren’t able to muster the energy to execute the steps your gut is telling you to make? … Continue reading »

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Asking for the Business…with Results!

The ten times you ask, you’ll get at least one person who will say YES and get you the client you need. I provide business consulting services to firms along with coaching for their teams, but I also coach professional … Continue reading »

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Invest in Yourself!

Understanding the importance of using “me” time properly A vacation is more than a fun trip – it’s an opportunity to “vacate” from everyday life.  I recently took a much-needed vacation abroad, and on my outbound flight, I decided that … Continue reading »

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The Ugly Incident

Turn a tense situation into a game in which everyone’s a winner! A couple weeks ago I wrote about culture in the workplace.  It’s such a critical subject and so complex that I feel the need to address culture once more.  The … Continue reading »

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Productivity Surprises

Culture is like oxygen – invisible to most but truly a necessity Culture in the workplace can be conveyed in any multitude of ways: dress code, team-building events, holiday parties, communication method and style, etc. We all know the importance … Continue reading »

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The Need Behind the Need

How do you assess the true needs of your stakeholders, clients, etc.? It couldn’t have been more than 60 days.  Money had run out, past due bills were piling up and investors who had pledged their allegiance were now exclaiming, … Continue reading »

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One Simple Step to Remove Your Passive-Aggressive Roadblock

Sometimes the panacea is just a change in perspective! Even the most unemotional, detached people can get bogged down by passive-aggressive behavior. Last week an old friend (and head of a prominent marketing firm) came to me for advice over … Continue reading »

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Flip the Conversation – Assume They Are Right

The tendency to jump to the end of a conversation is universal, but it seems to have become worse in the last 10 years or so.  Maybe it has to do with the plethora of information we’re bombarded with thanks … Continue reading »

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A Force More Powerful Than Tactical Goals

Sometimes it’s the simplest and most unassuming of conversations that have the most profound effect on you — the kind that can last days if not a lifetime.  A couple of weeks ago, I had a working lunch with a … Continue reading »

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It’s All in the Preparation

A friend of mine has been striving for several years to breach the executive ceiling, wanting to be a marketing executive.  She’d held titles in large companies one or two steps removed from her goal.  She’d run the cycle of being … Continue reading »

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