Clarifying Mindset

“An undisciplined mind is a wasted one, which will be reflected in the life of the one who possesses such a mind.”
Stephen Richards

For future posts, I wanted to say this now, and I will continue to repeat the terminology in following posts.

I will give gradations of mindset as a way for readers to self-identify where they are…and in case a person is in a mindset that is not absorbing the learning, instead of rejecting what they are reading, they can know, “It is ok, I will get it one day,” so that we all stay on the course of paced self-discovery.

The gradations I offer are simple (as I am not a complex person):
Disengaged, Neutral and Engaged

If you self-identify as Disengaged, it sounds like:
“That is stupid.” (judging)
“That is useless.” (99% of knowledge has a nugget or catalyst in the thought for everyone)
“I don’t know how (so I won’t try).” (doubt so high it clouds thought)
and so on.

If Neutral, you could catch yourself thinking:
“I will get to it later.”
“There is no hurry.”
“I will get to day.”
“I should do this…”
And so on.

Engaged sounds like:
“I wonder what is in this for me…”
“I will do this (whatever you decide to do) now.”
“Who can I share this with?!”

What mindset are you in right now? In your work, in your family, in your social life? Invest time in identifying where you are.

Look for more soon . . .

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