What you wished you had done…

I recently asked a client who was leading a division of a company about his demotion. He reflected on the causes and was distracted by stories that were not the true root cause. In this unique situation, he was highly valued for his technical expertise but was not highly rated for his leadership of a challenging business division.

When I asked him what he had learned, his response left me seeing that he had not focused enough on his blind spots.

So, we unwound that thinking and he came up with:
I did not replace or fire non-performers as fast as I should have.
I did not take control of how the CEO was measuring our division’s performance. (That division was different than others and defied cookie cutter measurement.)
I did not remain persistent in demanding the resources that I needed to properly run the division.

What situations can you identify now that you could forecast will turn into “I wish I had known…” situations? Well, what do you need to do now based on what you know to optimize those identified situations? DO it.

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