New habits that can get you there

Just riffing some thoughts on this post… This was inspired by a client conversation with a CEO / founder who was losing themselves to their business and their “busy day”.

Honoring your time starts with honoring yourself. Honoring yourself looks like having a vision for your life and what you were meant to achieve and the way you were meant to be.

Without a vision, we simply can’t have purpose. There is nothing to measure our everyday actions and reactions to stimuli. Without purpose, we can’t have focus to be disciplined (discipline is simply us wanting something so badly that we DO IT).

When we have purpose, we love ourselves and the life we live, so let’s do that…

Some small actions that can get you there…
- Keep a calendar
- Honor the start and end times of scheduled items
- Be aware of the purpose of that scheduled item
- Prepare to kick ass for that specific, scheduled time
- When you are tired and can’t focus, realize it may be your mind needing rest, rather than the fact you are lazy or not good enough to rally
- Learn how to exit from a scheduled item when the purpose has been achieved (not at the time scheduled- learn to do it faster and faster)

When you do this, you will achieve:
- Living with purpose
- Excellence in whatever you do
- Have extra time

Is that action creating a life worth living??? YES!!!

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