Getting to Our Priorities

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” - Walt Disney

Do you ever hear people say, “I am too busy!” That usually infers they are not getting to their top priorities or stressors. It was not their family, their clients, their workload or their co-workers to blame. We rationalize these culprits are behind our lack of productivity. How often do you hear a disempowered person blame their situation?

The more I work with leaders, the more the question “Why am I doing this?” pops up. It is in the context of how little free time we have and that we are connected 24/7. Well, as I have pondered that for myself, my focus becomes clearer and I use my time more thoughtfully. I have all the time I need. When I tell myself I am busy (supported by a Harvard Business School excerpt on this subject), it is a mindset problem, not a problem in reality.

To unwind the situation, we start with the mission of my client’s life (mine is “serving good people becoming great leaders”), and then we cascade that thought into how we book our calendar. For example, for booking appointments, I consider the person that I need to meet with in direct relation to my mission. The great thing about that is no matter how a week goes now, I have so many appointments that align with my mission, that I am moving my life and business forward…with this discipline, I even have more flexibility to have spontaneous meetings.

From a tactical perspective, I also use a task management tool with a date/calendar component that updates my calendar as I update the task and deadline.

Finally, during a meeting, I have developed a habit of being aware if I am committing to a “meeting, task or idea”. If a meeting, I am calendaring it at the moment. If a task, I am inputting it into my task management tool. If it is an idea, it goes into Evernote for review during downtime.

The mindset shift underlying all of this is “I can” – with that mindset, we can build the life that we want, fill our lives with the memories we want and have time with the people we want to be with. With that little spark, it has certainly allowed me what I want in my life now…

Are you living the life you want?

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