Create More Awareness

Create More Awareness

Awareness is a great feeling - when you are aware that you are aware. It is a moment of clarity and a feeling of light-ness, even if the circumstances of the day feel dire.

There are practices that foster awareness, yet more often when we have awareness it just seems to pop up in our day.  We may not realize when we have awareness, but rather leap into action as a function of being compelled by our subconscious.  A client of mine used to say he had A.D.D., as naturally as he said he breathed oxygen.  Upon reflection, that self-diagnosis was cover for a dullness of living life with symptoms of being indecisive and absent from work (he was CEO).  We reframed the belief of having A.D.D. and he became aware of his self-defeating characterization. He then became more engaged in his life and his company.

To attempt to create a sustainable awareness regimen, consider your most energetic and enjoyable moments and try to re-create those once a day.  In those moments of what seems like self-indulgence, seek a thought that inspires you and makes you feel unbeatable.  Act on that thought and see what pattern emerges.  We strive to have our actions follow a pattern of purposeful steps towards our vision.

You can also try an opposite approach. When you think you are feeling down, do something simple for three days in a row. Remind yourself at the end of the three days that you are powerful (however small the action is) and can do what your mind says it can.  When doing the action, journal any thoughts that tell you that you can’t achieve or don’t deserve some good outcome.

That list of thoughts is the list to work on eliminating from your life.  Tell yourself there is no reality to those thoughts, they are just mental barriers.  (There is far more work on those barriers than this post could ever cover, so keep diving deeper into those thoughts.) Whatever you do, don’t ignore them and let them exist uninterrupted. Create awareness of them and begin intentionally experiencing more clarity around how to exit the pattern of those thoughts guiding your actions.

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